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Ask Yvonne

I just purchased a lovely but small cottage.  Do you have any tips for working with small spaces?

Your primary arrangement in a small room should suit your day-to-day needs. Utilize flexible furniture that can be easily tucked away or moved. Garden stools can be grouped in the middle of the room to create a coffee table effect but can almost effortlessly be moved next to a sofa so guests have a place to perch their drinks within reach. Being able to relocate furniture in the center of a room also provides more walking space for guests.

Create an entryway with a partition screen with and place a table on the entry side. Since it is pushed up against the partition, the table will make the screen feel more like a wall and less like a randomly placed object.

Add luxe details such as chandeliers that are in scale with the room. Hang drapes at the ceiling and beyond the window frames so the light is not impeded and it looks as if the windows are much larger than they really are and the room magically appears higher than it is.